eyeCare Options

eyeCare is designed in such a way that it can notify you in multiple ways to take a break. You can configure it in the below different ways.

1. Open up a page to remind you about the break and help you with the exercises during the break. [Video Demo]
2. Remind you with a desktop alert with your a default message or your own message. [Video Demo]
3. Remind you by flashing the extension icon during browsing. [Video Demo]

eyeCare can run in the background, even when Chrome is not running, so that you will get reminded to take a break even when you are working on something else, other than browsing. Click here, if you want to see how to set this up.

More Information:
Enable/Disable To temporarily enable or disable eyeCare, press the ON/OFF switch on the top-right of this page. All the alert settings will get affected by this setting.
Break duration Set the time interval at which the extension should remind you to take break. You can RESET the timer using the reset link at the bottom. The timer will immediately reset.
Show exercises page When your break time is reached, eyeCare will open up a page with exercise instructions to refresh your eyes and your body. [Video demonstration available here]
Show notification message When your break time is reached, eyeCare will show a desktop notification, at the bottom-right of your desktop.  [Video demonstration available here]
Close message delay Normally, the desktop notification will be shown until you close manually. Provide a duration after which it will auto-close.
Custom notification message Provide a custom message, to override the default message for the desktop notification. Empty it, to get back to the default message.
Play sound Select the sound to be played, when your break time is reached.
Flash extension icon When your break time is reached, eyeCare icon on the top-right of chrome will flash 5 times.  [Video demonstration available here]
Keep it running Select this setting, if you want eyeCare to be running all the time. Chrome will launch eyeCare on system startup and will keep it running even after Chrome is closed. You can access eyeCare settings from the system tray. Here is a demo on how you can set this up.

Below video demonstrates how all of these settings will work on eyeCare.